Ordering your groceries online is actually easier and more efficient than dragging yourself out to the store several times a week. If you've ever bought anything online, you will find the process a breeze - from ordering to delivery.
1) Use this link to get $20 off and free delivery for 60 days on your first order with promo code 60DAYSFREE - you don't have to open an account; you can start grocery shopping immediately. 

2) Start shopping! You have three ways to shop:

  • Shop by 'aisle' - shop by the type of groceries you want; meat, vegetables, TV dinners, dairy, you name it.

  • Shop by brand - if you have certain brands that you always buy in your supermarket, you can search right for these products.

  • Use Express Shop - type in a list of items you want, then click "Shop Now" to view all of the items matching your list.

The grocery results will show items that matched your grocery delivery list.

3) Select the groceries you want by clicking the up arrow.  Tip: this is not as intuitive as it may seem - you need to click the up arrow and then the "Buy" button to add something to your cart.

Don't worry if you haven't thought of everything you might want; you can always log in later and adjust your order.

4) Choose your delivery window.  As you can see, you can choose from a wide range of grocery delivery windows.  You can see a calendar view with all of the available delivery times, and can choose any day from the next day to two weeks later. 

You don't necessarily have to be there at the delivery time. Groceries will be left in insulated coolers in a secure location.

5) Get your groceries delivered to you.

Don't worry, tipping is not required!
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Here's how grocery delivery is able to save you time and money.
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How to shop, use personal shoppers and pick delivery windows.
How you can save big when using online grocery delivery.
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